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DAEDALUS COMBAT—Combat drop from Low Earth Orbit




SEALS Winged Insertion Command (SWIC) has based Tiger Bailey's operational SWIC-3 out of Howland Island near the Equator in the central Pacific, just a few kilometers away from Baker Island, location for the socket where Amelia Earhart Skytower terminates. Tiger Bailey's squad is tasked to drop from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to Mayotte Island, northwest of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, to rescue a U.S. Senator and his family who were taken hostage by pirates. 

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Praise for Daedalus Combat



     Daedalus Combat is a fitting conclusion to and culmination of the other three stories in Williscroft’s action-packed, hard science-fiction series, The SWIC Daedalus Files. When Pirates snatch a U.S. Senator and probable next President from a ship and hold him for one hundred million dollars ransom, the Navy SEALS quickly move to rescue him. Once again Derek “Tiger” Baily’s six-man SWIC squad is featured, only this time, the operation is “dramatically different from anything any warrior had ever done before.” Why? Because it’s the first time anyone has ever “dropped from LEO [Low Earth Orbit] into a combat scenario.”

     It’s the full nature of this combat scenario that is the real “Wow” factor here. All the different units of the military machine must work together if the mission is to succeed. The action and suspense are intense, and they kept me turning the pages until the very end.

  • Professor John B. Rosenman, Norfolk State University
    Former Chairman of the Board, Horror Writers Association
    Author of The Inspector of the Cross Series



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