THE CHICKEN LITTLE AGENDA: Debunking "Experts'" Lies


A scientist takes on the distortions and outright lies foisted on the public!

Robert G. Williscroft firmly establishes that the sky is not falling. By using scientific research and solid reasoning, he explains some of the most disturbing problems facing our nation including global warming, the safety of nuclear power, the politics of education, and the oxymoron of government efficiency. With a clear message, he discerns what is true from what is merely Chicken Little gibberish. 

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Praise for The Chicken Little Agenda


     Robert Williscroft has masterfully debunked what masquerades as science in a range of hot button topics from the environment and energy to education and government. He’s made his arguments accessible to the ordinary person supplying him with intellectual ammunition to confront the “experts.”

  • Walter E. Williams
    John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics
    George Mason University

     The sky is NOT falling on these (supposed) 'hot'-button issues that the author, Rob Williscroft exposes; the supposed global- warming [the earth's temperature usually rises every 500 yrs.], the ozone layer is not gone or deteriorating, and the Cold War really is over.

     By utilizing readily available scientific information, Williscroft presents very plausible alternative views to those of the doomsayers. He exposes misconceptions on Chernobyl and Three Mile Island nuclear releases and a score of other exaggerations that have been blown out of proportion by the leftists and other kooks for a long time now. Pick Up On It!

  • Rich The Reviewer

      What if I told you there was a book that even a person with no scientific knowledge could read and understand that would dispel all your fears about "global warming", nuclear energy, "ozone holes", and much of what the daily media tells you poses a terrible threat to the Earth and you? What if I told you the book was written by a retired submarine officer with a B.S. in oceanography and meteorology from the University of Washington and a M.S. and Ph.D. in engineering from California Coast University? What if I told you that, after reading The Chicken Little Agenda you would be the best informed, smartest person in the room when some idiot began to tell everyone that the Earth was doomed, there's no way to provide electricity without producing greenhouse gases, blah, blah, blah! This is hands-down the best book I have read in a very long time when it comes to explaining and debunking the kind of nonsense in Al Gore's new film or the cover stories of Time and other so-called news magazines. Do yourself a very big favor and read it. 

  • Alan Caruba

     We are being constantly bombarded by predictions of environmental doom, coming at us from various media and from people with a political agenda. Apparently, anything needed to sustain our standard of living, and mercy be, even extend it to the rest of the world with its 6 billion population - is hastening the destruction of planet Earth.
    Dr. Williscroft says, "Not so fast!" His account of the environmental gloommasters needs to be read and digested in the light of scientific reason. Yes, there are problems, but not to the degree predicted. Yes, we can have clean energy, if we are willing to overcome prejudices against nuclear reactors. Their track record isn't that bad. It's well to have some skepticism towards the doomsayers, and a trust in human ingenuity. 

  • J. Hudson

     What a wonderful book! Using scientific facts, Williscroft explains away the would-be dire issues trumpeted by today's alarmists. To my delight, he applies that same good sense to a wide variety of other subjects, including morality and ethics, that are extremely relevant to the manner in which we live.
    This is a "must read" for anyone who seeks the truth in this upside down world. I highly recommend it. 

  • Marcella


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