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THE STARCHILD COMPACT-A Novel of Interplanetary Exploration


     The Starchild Compact is an epic tale of beginnings, of roots, of what might have been, and what might be.
    The Starchild Compact is an adventure of heroic proportions, commencing on a planet 500 light years distant, arriving here just a few years from now, and ending up in the far distant expanses of the Universe.
    Jon Stock takes his international exploration team to Saturn’s moon, Iapetus, that earth scientists have determined may be an artifact. Following launch, they discover Saeed Ismail, a Jihadist stowaway, who hopes to sabotage the mission. 
    They arrive at Iapetus, determine it is a derelict starship, and eventually meet with the Founders, descendants of the starship builders. Their revelations impact the entire Solar System with momentous implications going backward and forward in time, paving the way for a joint push to the distant reaches of the Galaxy.

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Interview--Robert G. Williscroft and "The Starchild Compact"

Trenton Bennett, narrator of the Audible version of The Starchild Compact, interviews Robert G. Williscroft.

Intrview with Robert G. Williscroft by The Writer Groupie

Interview about "The Starchild Compact" by The Writer Groupie

Excerpt from the Audible version of "The Starchild Compact"

Excerpt from Chapter One

Praise for The Starchild Compact

     Hard sci-fi reminiscent of Arthur C. Clarke or James P. Hogan, with a geopolitical twist worthy of Tom Clancy or Clive Cussler.

  •  Alastair Mayer
    Author of the T-Space Series

     The Starchild Compact is a compelling read from the first page. Robert has written a fantastically engrossing space mystery that takes place in our own backyard. This book brought me moments of wonder that I had experienced when I originally read Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama. This does what science fiction is supposed to do: capture our attention, speculate about the wild possibilities, and take us just beyond our previous imaginings. But this book is not all spectacle. Robert tackles some of the more personal issues of space travel that often go overlooked, with a particular eye toward the role of religion in that exploration. It is a masterful hand that can manage the personal and cultural response to the wonders of space and still present those wonders as pure delight. Robert has done that in The Starchild Compact. From the beginning to the end, this is a must read. 

  • Jason D. Batt-100 Year Starship
    Author of The Tales of Dreamside series

     In The Starchild Compact Robert Williscroft has said in print what a lot of people (myself included) would like to do about present day threats to our democracy and way of life, but don’t have the means or cojones to do it. He also courageously extrapolates tomorrow’s mores and the religious direction our society is taking. Williscroft tackles these germane and “heavy” issues while crafting a fascinating novel that is hard to put down. I have to admit that I was moved to tears, because I could not be with the space travelers to come back and see Earth’s future. I’m looking forward to both the prequel and sequel.

  • Myron R. Lewis, Co-author with Ben Bova of several SF stories including parts of The Dueling Machine

     In the not-too-distant future, a spacecraft heads toward Saturn’s moon Iapetus to investigate whether it is an artifact, while a terrorist stows away on board hoping to destroy the science that contravenes the tenets of his religion. All this builds up the tension and suspense in this fascinating science fiction novel. Each part of this book solves and unfolds another mystery, making the book incredibly hard to put down. The research and science are impeccable. I marveled at Williscroft’s imagination in conjuring up this story. I highly recommend this book!

  • Marc Weitz, Past President
    The Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles

     Intrigue and danger blended with today’s societal problems carry the reader on an unexpected journey. An internationally diverse spaceship crew comes together to face their differences and potential dangers on a voyage to Saturn’s moon Iapetus, which they suspect may be an artifact. Their individual quirks and cultural traditions come face-to-face with the reality of a new paradigm with global repercussions when the crew discovers irrefutable evidence that the builders of Iapetus still have a presence in the Solar System. Highly recommended! 

  • Matthew Severe
    Author of The Lariat Thief 

     Robert Williscroft once again delivers. Readers unfamiliar with Williscroft will be amazed at the depth of his characters and his meticulous science and engineering. The Starchild Compact is a remarkable story of politics, intrigue, science, engineering, and derring-do, driven by imaginative speculation. Nine exceptional men and women from divergent backgrounds undertake a voyage of discovery. Against a backdrop extrapolated from today’s headlines, they struggle to accommodate their differences, while meeting the challenges a hostile universe throws at them as they journey to Saturn’s moon Iapetus, all-the-while dealing with a Jihadist stowaway from the Persian Caliphate, a nuclear-armed world-power in this near future. They determine that Iapetus is an artifact, and discover its origins. They meet the Founders – direct descendants of the Iapetus architects. Who and what the Founders are profoundly affect not just the voyagers and the Jihadist, but all the peoples of Earth.

     The author’s fans, as well as new readers who crave anthropological authenticity and honest-to-Heinlein Hard Science Fiction, will be thoroughly delighted with The Starchild Compact.

  • Martin Bloom, Past President
    The Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles


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