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DAEDALUS SQUAD—SWIC Squad drop from Low Earth Orbit




After his successful proof-of-concept drop from Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Tiger Bailey's squad undertakes the next step in the development process of the Gryphon hardshell wingsuit, a coordinated drop from LEO by six team members. They tried to plan for every conceivable contingency, however, Mother Nature intervened with disastrous results.

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Praise for Daedalus Squad


     Robert G. Williscroft’s Daedalus Squad brilliantly advances the missions that readers encountered in the first two stories of the SWIC Daedalus Files. This time, a six-man squad in improved wingsuits launches into Low Earth Orbit and travels around the globe before landing. Its purpose is to do it eventually under combat conditions. As you might expect, something is bound to go wrong with this training mission, and it does, leading to a tense conclusion.

     The near-future scientific and technological detail here is thoroughly convincing. The space hardware involved, especially the improved Gryphon-10 Mk 4 wingsuit might actually come off the assembly line in a few years, awaiting its first occupant. As in the author’s previous stories, maps show the global paths of the men and make it easy to follow their progress in space. At times, you even feel you’re along for the ride.

  • Professor John B. Rosenman, Norfolk State University
    Former Chairman of the Board, Horror Writers Association
    Author of The Inspector of the Cross Series

     More space-going SEAL action from Robert Williscroft. “Tiger” Baily, the wingsuited, space-jumping hero of Williscroft’s SWIC Daedalus Files, has the stakes upped once again as his whole team makes a jump from orbit in Daedalus Squad. This time they're leaving nothing to chance and have already simulated every possible bad-news scenario they can think of. Too bad nature can come up with something they didn’t think of. Another fun ride, if your idea of fun includes death-defying action.

  • Alastair Mayer
    Author of The T-Space Series

     Daedalus Squad is the latest in a series of tales by Robert G. Williscroft, centered around an experimental Navy SEAL team, the SEALS Winged Insertion Command (SWIC), exploiting a futuristic space launch system to reach Low Earth Orbit—without a rocket.

     That technology was well explained in Williscroft’s previous novel, Slingshot. The SWIC Daedalus Files concern the development of special combat operations with easy access to space. 

     As with most experimental research, in Williscroft’s stories, there are challenges—and mishaps galore. In this storyline, with humans hurtling around the Earth at orbital velocities, there is precious little room for error. Controlled re-entry of a human body is even riskier. All of that riskiness translates into an exciting read.

     Aside from the thrills inherent in such feats of heroism, this story is educational. If you’ve wondered how orbiting spacecraft maneuver to change orbits, or rendezvous with other orbiting bodies (in this story, literally human bodies), Daedalus Squad will reveal enough of the lingo to help you search online and find out how it’s done. 

     That education alone adds an unexpected dimension to this treasure of a story. You will definitely want to read this one and the next offering in the SWIC Daedalus Files.

  • Dr. John R. Clarke
    Author of The Jason Parker Series

     This short story by author Robert Williscroft continues the adventures of Lt.Cdr. Derek “Tiger” Baily. Sporting the newest version of the wingsuit (the Gryphon 10 Mk 4), Tiger plans to link up with the other members of his squad in Low Earth Orbit and then descend in formation to a landing at the Amargosa Valley. When the plan goes awry, Tiger must think quickly and use his considerable flying skills to avoid certain death.

     The SWIC Daedalus Files, each a short story, follow Slingshot, delivering exciting and thought-provoking sci-fi entertainment through the voice of Tiger. Each adventure stands alone, but I’d recommend reading them in order to appreciate how the characters develop.

  • Dr. Dave EdlundUSA Today Bestselling Author –
    The Peter Savage Thrillers


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