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All books by Robert G. Williscroft


Current events:
The Chicken Little Agenda—Debunking “Experts’” Lies

Children’s books:
The Starman Jones Series:

     Starman Jones: A Relativity Birthday Present

     Starman Jones Goes to the Dogs (scheduled for release in 2019)

Short Stories:

The Daedalus Files:


     Daedalus—LEO (scheduled for release in August 2019)

     Daedalus—Squad (scheduled for release in September 019)

     Daedalus—Combat (scheduled for release in September 2019)

     The Daedalus Files (The four previous stories in one volumescheduled for release in October 2019)

Mac McDowell Missions:

     Operation Ivy Bells
    Operation Snow Cone (Scheduled for release 2020) 

The Starchild Trilogy:


     The Starchild Compact 

     The Iapetus Federation

The Oort Chronicles:

     Icicle—A Tensor Matrix (scheduled for release in 2019)

     The Oort—Interstellar Consequences (scheduled for release in 2020)

     Oort Andromeda—Galactic Diaspora (scheduled for release in 2020)


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